Bloody Taliban reprisals won’t halt Army’s Waziristan offensive: Gilani

      Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has vowed that the military offensive in South Waziristan would continue until its logical conclusion despite the Taliban’s continuous effort to create havoc across the country and derail the civilian government. Speaking at a high level meeting on national security at the Prime Minister’s House, Gilani said stern action would be taken against all those who challenge the writ of the state and stressed that failure in the ongoing Waziristan military operation was not an option. “Failure (in dealing with terrorists) is not an option, irrespective of the ferocity of the recent attacks. The military operation in South Waziristan will be taken to its logical conclusion. The whole nation is united against those who are out to terrorise the society thinking their demands will be accepted,” The Daily Times quoted Gilani, as saying. Gilani said the government would provide all help to relocate people who are displaced because of the ongoing conflict and ensured all educational institutions would be provided fool-proof security cover. “We will provide them Rs. 5,000 per month month, in addition to ration and relief goods,” Gilani said while referring to the internally displaced people.

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