Google comes up with 'Got The Wrong Bob?' to avoid e-mail slip-ups

      Google has introduced a new application to prevent users from making mistakes and sending their e-mails to the wrong recipient. The company has added "Got The Wrong Bob?" to its e-mail service Gmail, warning people to double-check the e-mail address before sending. Google engineer Yossi Matias is the mastermind behind the new feature that is available for free to millions of Gmail users. "I often came across these messages by mistake because Yossi is a common name in Israel , which is where I come from," Times Online quoted him as saying. "One was a communication between two people. They were having a conversation about the future of a colleague but had accidentally included him in the e-mails. "So I thought that maybe we can provide a feature that can recognise this," he added. Matias further revealed: "People are saying that it is useful. It seems that almost everyone has their own personal scars when it comes to sending e-mails to the wrong Bob."

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