US wants India to be 'major player on table' in its 21st century version of NPT: Clinton

      Describing the Indo-US civil nuclear co-operation deal as a 'landmark' agreement between the two countries, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that Washington has complete faith in New Delhi and envisages it to be a 'major player on table' in the 21st century version of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). "India we see as a full partner in this effort.We look forward to working with them in coming up with a 21st century version of NPT," Clinton said. Speaking at the US Institute of Peace, Clinton said the bilateral nuclear deal is part of a 'broader strategic dialogue with New Delhi' and also underlined that the Obama administration would not use it as a 'template in specifics' for other countries. "The nuclear accord that I supported as a Senator, and the Obama administration supports it as a government, is embedded in a broader strategic dialogue with Indians," The Nation quoted Clinton, as saying. Clinton said the White House wants New Delhi to be a part of a broader agreement to ensure peaceful usage of nuclear power and prevent new countries from obtaining or developing nuclear armaments. "We want them to really be a major player at the trying to reinstate a non-proliferation regime that can prevent further countries acquiring nuclear weapons or even peaceful nuclear capacity with safeguards," the top US diplomat said. Clinton termed the forthcoming US tour of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh as 'very significant'. Dr. Singh is scheduled to arrive in Washington on November 24. "We view the relationship as comprehensive and very deep in terms of the issues we wish to explore with our Indian counterparts," she added.

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