US monitoring Pak nuke safety 'very closely': Clinton

      US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that Washington was watching the developments in Pakistan country 'very closely' in respect of the safety of its nuclear weapons, even though they believed that there was no immediate threat to them. "We don't think that those attacks pose a threat to the nuclear command and control or access. We have been reassured about the security of the nuclear weapons stockpiles and facilities. But it is obviously a matter that we are watching very closely," Clinton said while addressing delegates at the US Institute of Peace. This was the second instance in as many days that the top US Diplomat has assured the international community that Pakistan's nuclear installations were safe amid the recent heightened terror threat. Interacting with media persons at the White House earlier, Clinton said the audacious terror strikes inside Pakistan has certainly raised concerns over the safety of Pakistan's nuclear assets, however, there was no 'immediate' danger to the nukes. "Extremists are increasingly threatening the authority of the state, but we see no evidence that they are going to take over the state. We have confidence in the Pakistani government and military's control over nuclear weapons," she said.

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