Premier League top four under threat from Man City: Lampard

      Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard reckons that Manchester City will be a big threat to the Big Four this season, and they can also leave one of them facing a meltdown. Lampard was part of a similar revolution six years ago, when Chelsea had smashed their way into the European big time on the back of their owner's incredible wealth. "The top four is more under threat this year than ever before because of the emergence of Manchester City and the money they have got," The Sun quoted Lampard, as saying. "Normally the usual four eventually rise to the top. With Manchester City, I think it will be different," he added. The 31-year-old also believes that City, which has spent over 150 million pounds in the transfer window, can muscle in on the Champions League. "When you spend 150 million pound you should expect to stay the course. And I think they will," Lampard said.

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