India to have a committee on road safety and traffic management

      Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Kamal Nath on Thursday constituted a committee headed by Secretary (Road Transport and Highways) to look into Road Safety and Traffic Management issues in the country. According to a press release of the Ministry the committee is a stopgap arrangement and will cease to exist once the National Road Safety and Traffic Management Board comes into existence. The Committee has been asked to make recommendations, in consultation with Indian Roads Congress, on safety standards for the design, construction and operation of National Highways including road infrastructure. It would also recommend formulation of standards of safety features for all mechanically propelled vehicles. The committee will also provide recommendations on the procedure, methodology for collection of road safety related data and its analysis, and also guidelines for training, testing and licensing of drivers. It would make suggestions to promote best practices in road safety and traffic management. The 14-member committee would also look into the issue of trauma care system and give suggestions for framing of guidelines for establishing and upgrading them. It would advise the Union Government on road safety related issues and on administration of relevant road safety provisions.

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