Ludhiana youth festival provides platform to showcase talent

     Students of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Ludhiana recently displayed their talent in a youth festival, which helped the students develop self-esteem and confidence. The show, organized for the first time in the university, also helped in personality development and broadening their horizons. The three-day event gave exposure to talented folk and classical singers, and it also provided a magnificent experience of the diverse cultures in the country. “Such festivals build self-esteem and confidence of the youth. Their creativity is developed and honed in these competitions. The most important thing is that they channelise their energy in these fests instead of sitting idle and taking up bad habits,” said Dr. V K Taneja, Vice-Chancellor of the university. Following the enthusiastic approach to the festival, the university is now thinking of providing more facilities to give a boost to performing arts. Meanwhile, the students said that they were happy with the fact that they had a platform to showcase their talent. “Besides studies, extra co-curricular activities are equally important. They help in our development. Music gives peace to our soul. We couldn’t give enough time to such activities during schooling but GADVASU is giving us this opportunity,” said Manveer Singh, a student. Rubal, another student, said that such extra co-curricular activities were essential along with studies. “We can bring out the talent of children in such youth festivals. We can also work on improving ourselves by participating in these festivals. So I find this youth festival to be very important,” she added.

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