Maoist's brutality continues in Jharkhand

      Panic has gripped Jamua village of Jharkhand 's East Singhbhum district following gruesome killing of a fifty-five-year old lady, Mukhi Munda, by the Maoists. Mukhi Munda was killed for not obeying the diktat of Maoists asking the Munda family to withdraw the case registered against Naxals for the killing of her only son, Lakhinder Munda, who was accused by them of being a police informer. In another case, the Maoists had brutally beaten sixty-year-old lady, Gurubari Munda. Her son Mukul Munda, was eliminated by the Naxals after branding him as a police informer. Earlier, on May 30, the Maoists had killed sixty-year-old Gram Pradhan Lakhan Murmu. Questioned about such killings, Kishan Ji, a Politburo member of the CPI (Maoist), said that the party had already offered unconditional apology for some of the unintentional killings in the past. But the apology does not carry conviction among the villagers who have not yet forgotten the gruesome beheading of Francis Induwar. Kishan Ji is controlling the operation in Lalgarh and adjoining East Singhbhum district. Recently, three persons, including the head of a parallel outfit called ''Sastra People's Morcha'' (SPM), were killed in a Maoist attack in Chatra district. According to police, the incident took place in Rajpur village where Umesh Mali , the head of the SPM, Umesh Singh Bhokta, a local leader of the Lokjanshakti Party, and another person, were watching a cultural programme. Umesh Mali and two others died on the spot when the Maoists fired on them. A teenaged girl and two others were injured. The CPI (Maoist) is involved in a turf war with the ''Sastra People's Morcha", the Jharkhand Prastuti Samiti and the Tritiya Prastuti Samiti. The Naxals, who claim that they are waging war on behalf of the poor and the landless, have taken effective control of large swathes of the countryside, scaring off potential investors. Their intention is to control the land rich in minerals.

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