Mulberry Tea, jam to make waves Kashmir Valley

     The Sher-E-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology is taking steps to introduce the world famous Mulberry Tea. Mulberry leaves, which were earlier used to produce world's famous silk in Kashmir, will soon find a place in teapots. Mulberry Tea has been in use in various parts of the world, and now researchers at the university‚Äôs Department of Sericulture, are focuses on bringing out the best tea locally. Afifa Saheen Kamli, the head of the department said: "There is not just one benefit of the Mulberry plant you can make jam out of it. You can extract juice from it. We will demonstrate to farmers which variety is suitable for extracting high quality tea, which can be used for jam and which one for juice, but our main aim will be to augment the income of farmers." Khurshid Ahmad Parray, a technical expert with the same department, said : "As far the medicinal benefits of the Mulberry tea are concerned they are numerous. It helps to cure Type II Diabetes. It cuts cholesterol. Besides, the Mulberry leaf is rich in nutrients and can be recommended to someone who has calcium deficiency." The department is also trying to acquire a natural colouring agent from the Mulberry fruit, which could be useful to the food industry. The university has already produced a mulberry concentrate, mulberry jam, and mulberry resins from mulberry trees. Farmers who own mulberry plantations can enjoy additional economic benefits from these plantations that have so far been used only for silk related items.

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