Arunachal Pradesh is integral part of India: Bardhan

      CPI General Secretary A B Bardhan on Wednesday rubbished the Chinese claim over Arunachal Pradesh, saying the state will always remain an integral part of India. "Arunachal Pradesh is ours. There are no two ways about it. Everyone knows that India-China border dialogue is going on. There should be discussion on it. It can be resolved bilaterally through discussions," Bardhan told reporters in Ludhiana. The issue of Arunachal Pradesh has come into the fore after Beijing objected to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to the state. China said it was “seriously dissatisfied” by the visit of an Indian leader to a disputed Himalayan region. China's foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu accused an unnamed Indian leader of ignoring China's concerns by visiting the state of Arunachal Pradesh. New Delhi reiterated that its leaders were free to visit states where elections are held. China has also protested against the Dalai Lama's planned trip to Arunachal Pradesh.

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