No troops cut in Kashmir, says army

      There is no proposal to cut a troops in Kashmir, an army spokesperson said here on Monday. The development comes after reports that government was considering reduction of army from the restive region following an overall drop in rebel attacks. "See troops have not been withdrawn from anywhere. There is a constant review of the troops deployment in the militancy-hit areas. And when there is an assessment, army is redeployed in the areas where it is needed the most. So, on this account there has been some redeployment in some areas but it would be improper to say from where and to which place the redeployment has taken place," said Lieutenant Colonel G S Brar, army spokesperson. Around half a million Indian troops are deployed in Kashmir. Violence between militants and troops has declined considerably in Kashmir after India and Pakistan started a peace process in 2004. India called a pause to those talks after last year's Mumbai terror attacks.

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