Geologists find traces of oil and natural gas in Rajasthan

      Geologists have found traces of oil and natural gas in Jodhpur-Marwar region of Rajasthan. Researchers have claimed that the sandstone found at the mines in the region date back to about 600 million years, which would put the fossil in the Ediacaran age, just before the Cambrian era that saw an explosion in the evolution of species. "They (plant fossils) are 140 times larger than the normal size of the plant and this is very interesting. Secondly, they are carbon-less i.e. they doesn''t have carbon in their brain…these carbon less fossils are very interesting and it is believed that these fossils belong to the algae period between 543-635. Fossils belonging to such period throughout the world are known for rocks which have a potential source of hydrocarbon, specially petroleum and natural gas," said B. S. Paliwal, a geologist in Jodhpur on Sunday. The discovery of traces of microbial mats on sandstone was made during a visit of a team of geologists from Lucknow University to the Jodhpur sandstone mines near Sursagar in Marwar region. Geologists also find out some non-carbonaceous structures of algae 140 times bigger in size than the normal fossils.

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