Maradona faces five-match suspension for his obscene outburst

      Argentina manager Diego Maradona may face a suspension of maximum five matches, after FIFA said that it was opening a disciplinary case against his obscene outburst during a press conference. Maradona had shocked viewers worldwide after Argentina 's 2010 World Cup qualifying 1-0 win over Uruguay in Montevideo, when he stared into the camera and said: “To all of you who did not believe in us, and I apologise to the women in here, you can suck it, and keep sucking it.” The 48-year-old did attempt at an apology, saying that it was his way of releasing some steam following recent criticism of his team. “I'm sorry they are saying I'm arrogant, but I'm not going to take back anything I said. I have apologised to the ladies. To my mother and to all the women who were watching. But, to nobody else. Because I don't feel I have to apologise to them,” The Sun quoted Maradona, as saying. “Had I failed to reach the World Cup, I could have been the first victim of a fusillade in this country. But even then, I would have died on my feet. Because I have chosen to be our national team manager,” he added. Reacting over the incident, FIFA president Sepp Blatter confirmed that the FIFA disciplinary committee would probe it. “The media reports we have received so far leave us with no alternative, but to ask the disciplinary committee of FIFA to open a case against him,” Blatter said. A FIFA spokesman however said that the disciplinary case could result in a simple warning to several games.

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