Scared of swine flu, 40 pc Americans give up handshake for a back pat

      A Fox News poll has revealed that Americans are so worried about the swine flu that they have stopped shaking hands with swine friends and are resorting to a pat on the back. The poll found 40 percent of Americans thinking a pat on the back was the best replacement for a handshake during the flu season. The fist bump came in a distant second, with 13 percent acknowledging it, saluting was supported by five percent, bowing by five percent, while doing an elbow-to-elbow greeting was supported by four percent. Around 46 percent claimed they were "very" or "somewhat" concerned about personally catching swine flu, while 69 percent were planning to get vaccinated. Young people under age 30 and seniors ages 65 and over are two groups most likely to say they are concerned about catching the swine flu. Even so, seniors are significantly more likely to say they plan to get vaccinated than young people, Fox News reported. While 46 percent thought that the vaccine was safe, 35 percent thought that there were too many potential risks and another 19 percent were unsure about vaccination.

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