Pepsi apologises for 'offensive' iPhone App

      Pepsico has issued an apology over its recently released iPhone application that promises to help men 'score' with two dozen stereotypes of women by giving users pickup lines and invites men to brag about their conquests. Pepsi is facing harsh criticism for launching 'AMP Up Before You Score' game and customers have threatened to boycott the brand in protest at the game. The app, to promote the AMP energy drink, lists 24 categories of women and provides links, lists and other assistance once the user decides which he is interested in, reports Sky News. However, many women do not appreciate the humour. Jezebel, a women's blog, called the app "unacceptable and ridiculously offensive." The blogger, Hortense, wrote: "This is a program sponsored by a major corporation that encourages men to look at women as objects to be won, used, and tossed away after a 'victory' is obtained, and the more normalized things like this becomes, the worse off we're all going to be." Despite the apology, the application has not been withdrawn but a rep from Pepsi used the AMP Twitter account to say the game was supposed to be funny. "Our app tried to show the humorous lengths guys go to pick up women. We apologize if it's in bad taste and appreciate your feedback. #pepsifail," they wrote, adding the hashtag critics have been using to discuss the issue on Twitter.

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