Chidambaram warns Pakistan to halt infiltration in J-K

      Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on Wednesday warned Pakistan to halt the increase in infiltration across the border, saying not doing so would invite a telling response from Indian security forces. Addressing the All India Editors Conference on Social and Infrastructure here, Chidambaram said: "A spurt in infiltration has been seen after the general elections and the number did rise in the last two to three months from PoK and Pakistan ." However, he said, that it is likely to come down during the winter. Elaborating on the issue of infiltration, Chidambaram said that it was a major cause for increased violence in Jammu and Kashmir . "A major cause of the continuing violence in Jammu and Kashmir is the cross border infiltration from the other side. Infiltrators are being trained and assisted by Pakistan ," he said. " Jammu and Kashmir is the most valuable state in the country and there is no space for problems in the state. The security situation in the valley has improved over the last few months but violence is still very much a reality. There is a need to find a solution for problems in Jammu and Kashmir ," he added. He further said that though the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir has improved, infiltration into the state still continues. "All violence in Jammu and Kashmir is due to infiltration. The Indian government has zero tolerance for infiltration and infiltrators will be caught and dealt with severely," the Minister added.

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