Chidambaram committed to ending militancy in Kashmir

      Union Home Minister. P. Chidambaram on Wednesday reiterated the government's commitment to end militancy in Jammu and Kashmir through a unique solution. Addressing the All India Editors Conference on Social and Infrastructure here, Chidambaram said the government is willing to talk to every section of political opinion in the state. "There is no place for violence in the state despite differences in political outlook. The unique solution will be found out recognising the unique history and geographical location of Jammu and Kashmir. The dialogue will not be in full media glare. It will be a quiet dialogue," he added. He said the solution, on which the government is working, would be honorable, equitable and acceptable to the vast majority of the people in the state. Elaborating on the Prime Minister's comprehensive economic reconstruction plan worth 25,000 crore rupees, he said, close monitoring will be done for its effective implementation. "Secretaries from Government of India will visit the state from next month to oversee the implementation of the package in the areas like agriculture, health, education, tourism and employment generating industries," he added.

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