Firing Haqqani could open up embarrassing Pandora's box for Pak Govt

     In the wake of the controversy surrounding the Kerry Lugar Bill, the Zardari Government has reportedly decided to replace Pakistani ambassador to the United States, Hussain Haqqani within 48 hours, something analysts say could open up an embarrassing Pandora's box for the government. The Dawn quoted sources as saying that Haqqani will be appointed as Asif Ali Zardari's spokesman. However, Haqqani said that he hasn't been fired yet, and neither was he expecting any such announcement in the near future. "So far I've not been asked to alter my responsibilities nor have any questions been raised about my conduct. I serve at the pleasure of the president and prime minister of Pakistan and will follow any instructions I've been given," The Cable quoted Haqqani, as saying. The report of Haqqani's probable exit comes after many in the government held him responsible for the public relations furore that erupted after the passage of a 7.5 billion dollar Pakistani assistance package. The Pakistani military had also raised objections to some conditions in the bill that they say infringe on Pakistan's sovereignty. According to sources, the removal of Haqqani will do more harm to US-Pakistani relations than good. "Haqqani has reams of documents that could embarrass the forces aligned against him and sacking him could open up a Pandora's box of controversy that the government would not appreciate, which he might do if forced to defend himself after being fired," they said.

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