House votes against Trump's Emergency declaration

Feb 28, 2019
WASHINGTON: The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution to block Emergency funding for a wall along Mexico border. President Donald Trump had declared national emergency to mobilise necessary money for his border plan as the House had earlier passed only a fraction of his demand.

The Bill (resolution) will soon be sent to the Senate, where the Republicans have majority but some section is likely to support the Bill. Even if it passes the Senate, the President can veto it. But the Congress can nullify the veto if it has two-third majority in each chamber, which is unlikely to happen.

During the debate in the House, Democratic Representative Joaquin Castro, the main sponsor of the controversial legislation, said, “There is no emergency at the border ... Border crossings are at a four-decades low.” Thirteen Republicans supported the Bill.

It is widely speculated that the emergency declaration is a threat to the spirit of the Constitution. It may tilt the balance of powers between Congress and the executive.

Republican Senator John Barrasso said in an interview to a news agency that a legislation “may actually pass the Senate.”

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