Need to cut down on frivolous RTI applications: Prez Patil

     President Pratibha Patil on Monday said that there was a need to cut down on frivolous Right to Information (RTI) applications flooding various government departments. Inaugurating the fourth annual convention on RTI, President Patil said: "There is a fine balance which needs to be maintained between applications under the Right to Information to public authorities and also ensuring that public authorities are not flooded with applications, some of them of a frivolous nature, which could overwhelm their ability to respond in time." She said the RTI Act has the potential to make Government and the people work together for the benefit of both. "There is a need for a sense of responsibility for more openness on the part of public authorities as also within civil society to ensure that applications, which reach authorities, are those that genuinely need immediate attention," she added. Patil said it should be ensured that RTI applications coming from marginalised sections of the society are given priority. "Public authorities are progressively becoming pro-active to the spirit behind the Act and are responding favourably. The best practices adopted by various States in response to the RTI Act should be codified and practiced," she said. "Since the Act came into being a large number of Government websites invariably have the "Right to Information button" on them. It is important that technology is used for better management of records and data, this is turn would make information sharing easier," she added. "Rights given under this Act to our citizens are extensive and, therefore, it is important that there be a deep sense of responsibility while exercising them," she said. "The civil society can play an important role in creating awareness about the importance and spirit of the Act, so that collectively the people and their elected Governments can build the future of the country responsibly and constructively," she added.

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