Carla Bruni 'seeking therapy for past 8yrs'

      French first lady Carla Bruni has been seeing a psychotherapist for the past eight years, it has emerged. It is alleged that the former model-cum-singer, who is married to President Nicolas Sarkozy, confessed visiting a shrink in a yet to be released documentary about her life for French television. The Daily Mail reported that France's website had said it had seen clips of the programme. "Bruni will bare her soul to the French people," the Telegraph quoted the website as saying. "She is turning the traditions of how French first ladies have behaved on their head. "For the first time ever, a serving first lady will speak on television about the reasons which drove her to seek therapy eight years ago. "The questions that she will answer include why she sought the help of a therapist, what happened during the sessions and why she has continued them for so long," it added.

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