Afghanistan expels over 30 Pak clerics for provocative speeches

      Afghan security officials have expelled over 30 Pakistani clerics from mosques in Kandahar province over 'provocative speeches' encouraging people for an 'uprising against the government', an Afghan official has said. Governor of Kandahar 's Dand district, Hamdullah Nazak said the Pakistani clerics had come from Balochistan and had no valid documents.

"When the authorities asked them to provide documents and prove their identity, they failed," The Express Tribune quoted Nazak, as saying. "We launched a campaign against Pakistani clerics and expelled all those who were leading prayers and delivering sermons without permission and without documents," Nazak added. Nazak claimed that there are still several religious scholars in Afghanistan who have arrived from Pakistan without any documents, adding that action will also be taken against them. "They are involved in the dissemination of negative speeches to mislead people, which is unacceptable," Nazak said. Nazak was quoted as saying that the Taliban are fighting against the Afghan government with the help of these Pakistani clerics. The decision to expel Pakistani clerics comes in the wake of increasing tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan , exacerbated by cross-border attacks.

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