Mustafa Kamal’s nomination as ICC Vice-President accepted

      The International Cricket Council (ICC) Board today accepted the joint nomination of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) of AHM Mustafa Kamal to the role of ICC Vice-President for 2012-14 and then subsequently as ICC President 2014-15. As a consequence of his nomination Mr Kamal will now be required to stand down as the President of the BCB. Details of further decisions taken by the ICC Board will be announced tomorrow at the conclusion of the meeting. The ICC Board consists of the president or chairman from each of the 10 Full Members plus three Associate Member representatives.

Also present at ICC Board meetings is the ICC President, who chairs proceedings and the ICC Chief Executive. Alan Isaac ICC President David Richardson ICC Chief Executive Zaka Ashraf Pakistan Dr Willie Basson South Africa Peter Chingoka Zimbabwe Giles Clarke England and Wales Wally Edwards Australia Dr Julian Hunte West Indies Mustafa Kamal Bangladesh Imran Khwaja Associate Member Representative Upali Dharmadasa Sri Lanka Chris Moller New Zealand Keith Oliver Associate Member Representative Neil Speight Associate Member Representative Narayanaswami Srinivasan India.

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