Putin says Russian opposition leaders need to be cast aside

      Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a first-person documentary to mark his 60th birthday, has criticized the current generation of opposition leaders, saying they need to be cast aside. In the documentary aired on the pro-Kremlin NTV channel, Putin said he welcomes opposing views, but that they should come from people willing to take responsibility for running the country.

"With time the old husk will naturally be cast aside and new, truly outstanding, interesting people and substantial people will appear who can take responsibility for certain industries, spheres of public life, and - maybe - for the whole country," he said.

According to the Telegraph, the movie casts Putin as a tireless and no-nonsense leader contemptuous of domestic and international criticism. It claimed to detail Putin's everyday routine, which includes swimming and weightlifting exercises, a breakfast of porridge, the drive to work, and late-night working sessions at his office. According to the paper, his dismissive remarks in Sunday night's documentary, aimed at the opposition, will increase fears over his perceived disregard for pluralism in Russia.

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