Coca Cola named best brand in world for 11th year in row

      Soft drink major Coca-Cola has been named as the world’s best brand for the 11th year in a row, a survey has found. According to consultancy Interbrand’s 11th annual ranking of the world’s best global brands, apart from Coca Cola, IBM, Microsoft and Google made up the top four.

Apple saw the biggest increase in value of all top 100 brands at 37 percent, with a year of technical glitches with the iPhone 4 made up by the success of its iPad. “2010 was the beginning of a long road back towards economic recovery,” Interbrand group chief executive Jez Frampton said. “From real-time customer feedback through social media to increased transparency about corporate citizenship, brands were faced with a profound change in the way they relate to customers and demonstrate their relevance and value,” The Telegraph quoted, Frampton, as saying. Toyota recall caused the brand to lose 16 percent of its value, but the company still managed to rank at number 11, down from 8th last year.

Luxury carmakers Mercedes Benz and BMW took 12th and 15th place, respectively. Despite the economic downturn, luxury brands Cartier (77), Armani (95), Louis Vuitton (16), Gucci (44), Tiffany & Co (76) and Hermes (69) all saw the value of their brands increase. In the financial sector, Citi (40) and UBS (86) both dropped by 13 percent in brand value, while Santander (68), Barclays (74) and Credit Suisse (80) made the list for the first time. The top 10 global brands as ranked by Interbrand are: 1. Coca-Cola 2. IBM 3. Microsoft 4. Google 5. GE 6. McDonald's 7. Intel 8. Nokia 9. Disney 10. HP

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