US man charged as secret agent for smuggling sensitive technology to Russian military

      An American man has reportedly been charged as a Russian secret agent, accused of using his Houston-based company to smuggle sensitive technology. The Soviet-born Alexander Fishenko, the chief executive officer of Arc Electronics, claimed his company was manufacturing traffic lights. But federal prosecutors said that the company was actually a tool in Russia 's plans to modernize its military, the New York Daily News reports. The authorities claimed Fishenko used his firm to smuggle sensitive technology out of JFK to military and intelligence agencies in his homeland. The report quoted federal prosecutors Daniel Silver and Hilary Jager, as saying that Fishenko was "acting as an agent of the Russian government." According to the report, Fishenko, 46, is accused of illegally exporting high-tech gadgets that could be used for missile guidance systems, radar, surveillance and detonation triggers, according to court papers. Fishenko and 10 others involved in the scheme are named in an indictment unsealed on Wednesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

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