30 Taliban militants killed in operation in Afghan Wardak province

     Thirty Taliban militants have been killed in a six-day operation in the eastern Afghan province of Wardak, the NATO-led coalition forces confirmed. "Dozens of Afghan soldiers and police, supported by coalition special operations forces, concluded a six-day operation against insurgent networks in the Chak district, Wardak province yesterday," the coalition or International Security Assistance Force said in a press release issued here.

"More than 30 insurgents were killed by Afghan Commandos, Afghan National Police, Afghan National Army, and coalition forces, who participated in the operation," the ISAF release said, adding that coalition officials have confirmed five of the insurgents who were killed were high level Taliban commanders operating in the area. The dead Taliban leaders named Ahmad Shah, Mullah Malang, Zubair, Rasul Jan and Wahdat.

Almost three dozen suspected insurgents were detained during the operation in the province 35 km west of Afghan capital Kabul . "One Afghan soldier was killed during the operation and one civilian was injured by insurgent small-arms fire. Members of the combined force provided immediate assistance and transported the victim to a medical facility for further treatment," the press release said.

The Taliban insurgent group, who have been waging an insurgency of more than one decade, have yet to confirm the death of the insurgent commanders and fighters.

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