Romney’s '47 percent' comment hurting his favourability

      Two-thirds of Americans heard Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s comments about the ‘47 percent’, and a majority of them said it makes them less likely to vote for him. According to a Pew Research Center poll, among Americans who knew Romney made the ‘47 percent’ remarks, in which he said a portion of Americans saw themselves as ‘victims’ dependent on government and were destined to vote for President Barack Obama, 55 percent had a negative reaction.

Democrats, in particular, were unhappy with Romney’s comments: 88 percent had a negative reaction. Only 54 percent of Republicans had a positive one. Among independents, 18 percent had a positive reaction and 55 percent had a negative one, Politico reports. According to the report, nearly half of those who were aware of Romney’s comments said the media were covering the statements too much. Nearly 13 percent said there wasn’t enough coverage, and 28 percent said there was just the right amount, the report dded.

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