Ex-Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed defies court

      The trial of former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed, who has been accused of abusing his power by ordering the arrest of a senior judge during his tenure, has been postponed after he failed to appear before a court in Male. Nasheed was accused of abusing his power after he had ordered the military to arrest the head of the country's criminal court Abdullah Mohamed on charges of corruption, misconduct and favouring then-opposition figures.

According to the BBC judges and court authorities waited for 20 minutes for him to come and be tried, before postponing the hearing in the absence of the defendant. Nasheed had said he was defying the court as he had no faith in it. "Once they started to set up a fabricated court, bring in judges who are not judges of that court, and the whole structure of it is so... politically motivated, it is very obvious it is not meant to serve justice," the report quoted him, as having said. According to the report, last week, a court order was introduced preventing him from leaving Male. Nasheed, however, denounced the ban as an unfair and politically motivated attempt to prevent him from campaigning in the forthcoming elections.

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