4 Al Qaeda suspects killed in clash with Yemeni security forces in Aden

      Four Al Qaeda suspects were killed when Yemeni security forces opened fire on a group of terrorists in the southern port city of Aden on Tuesday morning, a police officer told Xinhua. Security forces stormed a house in Aden's neighborhood of Mansoura and attempted to arrest some wanted terrorists, but the armed group started shooting at the security troops, sparking a short gun battle that left four Al Qaeda suspects killed at the scene, the local police officer said, requesting anonymity.

"Four Al Qaeda suspects were killed during the raid... All of them were plotting armed attacks and suicide bombings against several military bases and government officials across the port city of Aden ," the police officer said. During the armed confrontations, four security personnel were also injured and taken to a nearby military hospital for treatment, he added. Security troops had reportedly stormed the suspected Al Qaeda house using machine guns aimed at a group of people gathering there, according to witnesses near the scene.

A security source told Xinhua anonymously that "members of domestic intelligence agents had traced the Al Qaeda suspects to a house in Mansoura neighborhood early in the day." "Authorities found and confiscated military uniforms and arms during the raid carried out in cooperation with the anti-terrorism special forces," the security source said. He also said that explosive-devices and home-made grenades were found as well.

The Yemen-based Al Qaeda offshoot has exploited Yemen's year-long security vacuum during protests against the long-time ruler Saleh and controlled several southern cities for more than a year before they were driven out by a US-backed army offensive. On June 20, Yemen's military officials announced seizing Al Qaeda's last bastion in the country's troubled south following the army offensive. However, local military and anti-terrorism experts said that the Yemeni Al Qaeda branch is still a major threat to the impoverished Arab country.

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