Controversy queen Veena Malik misses Pakistan 'terribly'

     Bollywood controversy queen Veena Malik has said she misses her homeland Pakistan "terribly". "I do miss Pakistan a lot. After all it's my home. Yesterday, I was thinking of coming back to my country on a vacation for at least 10 days," The Express Tribune quoted Veena, as saying.

"No matter where I go, I feel like I am home. I thank God that I am no more living out of a suitcase. I personally believe wherever you get love, you feel good. If you get appreciation, it's always overwhelming. The same is the case with me," she said. Currently, Veena is hosting a T20 World Cup show in New Delhi for India TV. She says she is happy for both countries' success in the cricketing tournament so far. "It was a day of double treat for me (when both countries won)!" Veena said. Veena has always boldly flaunted her love for the Pakistani cricket team, and especially Mohammad Asif. "Asif is the real man for me and I miss him a lot. Out of all the moments I've spent with him, the best were the foot massages. I think he is a better foot massager than a cricketer," Veena had claimed in a recent press release.

Veena is also anxiously waiting for her first solo song - "Drama Queen" - to release next week. "Live concerts have been planned in places like New Delhi and Mumbai. Performing on stage like a rock star makes me super excited!" she said. "Ever since my childhood, I have imagined myself standing in front of thousands of people and singing. I never dreamt of becoming a Bollywood star. I am happy, and acting is something I enjoy but my ultimate dream is to become a singer," she added. Veena's upcoming project is Supermodel, a Bollywood film that explores the glamour world. Opposite her is actor Ashmit Patel, who was involved in the "Bigg Boss" scandal with the actor last year.

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