Obama campaign nearing historic 10 millionth grassroots donation

      President Barack Obama’s campaign is on the verge of getting their 10 millionth grassroots donation, campaign manager Jim Messina has said. “This is a huge deal: Tomorrow, we could hit 10 million grassroots donations in 2012 alone,” Messina wrote to supporters.

“It would be a huge win for our way of building a campaign. Don't you want to be a part of it?” he added. “We're at 9,725,074 now, and it's going to take a huge push to get there before tomorrow's midnight deadline, but I know we can do it -- especially if you step up and do your part,” Politico quoted Messina, who wrote in the email. According to the report, though the Obama campaign was beat in fundraising in June and July by Republican rival Mitt Romney, they maintain the overall fundraising lead, and have a huge grassroots email fundraising list.

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