Baloch families losing hope in Pakistan, says Bilawal

     Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, while speaking about the situation in Balochistan, said that Baloch families are losing hope in Pakistan. "We have to stop living in denial‚ and cannot let the province bleed like this; we have to take historic measures to address the underlying causes of the challenges in Balochistan," The News quoted Bilawal, as saying.

"Where Musharraf treated the people of Balochistan as enemies of the state‚ we see them as an integral part of the state of Pakistan . Unlike the military dictator‚ we have not been afraid to stand up against the superpower and shut down the supply routes in protest and permanently shut down the Shamsi Air Base to the Americans," he added. Bilawal also said that during the tenure of the PPP government‚ the economy has withstood the global economic catastrophe‚ natural disasters and the menace of terrorism, despite many challenges.


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