Pak military denies involvement of ISI, MI in Balochistan strife

      In the wake of the six-point plan laid down by Baloch Nationalist Party leader Sardar Akhtar Mengal as a precondition for talks, the nation's top military leaders rushed to vindicate themselves from the Balochistan issue, stoutly denying that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) had any involvement in enforced disappearances. Balochistan Chief Secretary Babar Yaqoob Fateh Muhammad submitted a joint statement to address the other accusations hurled at the armed forces besides missing persons, after holding a meeting with top military and executive authority officials. "No covert and overt military operation is being carried out in Balochistan by the armed forces. Second, no person alleged to be missing is in the custody of or under detention of any law enforcing authorities or any other agency of Pakistan," The Express Tribune quoted the statement, as stating. "Despite this all out efforts are being made to find out whereabouts of the persons who are alleged to be missing. Third, no proxy death squads are operating under the supervision of ISI and MI," it added. The statement also declared that "the Pakistan Government has always believed that all political parties in Balochistan should participate in political activities without any interference from any quarter." Sources close to the case said that the military officials were 'very much perturbed' over proceedings of the apex court regarding the Balochistan hearing, the paper said. Mengal, in his 6-point plan, had enlisted preconditions to hold talks with the government, which includes: an immediate end to all military operations; missing persons to be presented before the court; abolition of agency death squads; free rein to Baloch political parties to function; punishment to those found guilty for heinous crimes; and rehabilitation of thousands of displaced Baloch.

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