Maoists kill two persons in Hajipur

      The Maoists killed two persons in Bihar 's Hajipur town on Friday alleging that they were police informers. The victims were Umesh Singh, the head of a village body, and his son Kunal Singh. "When we came here we were told that the Maoists tied their hands took them behind the house. When his son went to save him, then both of them were shot dead under a tree. The house was destroyed, using explosives," said Ram Yadav, a local here. " The Maoists later on made announcements on the mike and stuck a warning pamphlet. They were announcing that everybody should be alert as they have come with a mission," he added. Senior police officials later inspected the area and an enquiry is being conducted in the matter. Inspector General of Police, Gupteshwar Pandey, said that Maoists are intensifying their activities in the area. "The manner in which the incident has taken place is unprecedented in itself. The Maoists are expanding their organisation," he said. Maoists have left behind a pamphlet, warning locals against informing police. The government has termed the Maoists movement as a threat to India 's internal security as the violence involving the ultras in on the rise over the last few years. The Maoists, however, believe that they are fighting for the rights of landless people.

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