Elvis’ daughter selling fish and chips in English village

      Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie has been selling fish and chips from the back of a friend’s van in the sleepy East Sussex village of Rotherfield where she lives. It is the latest example of the 44-year-old singer, and her guitarist husband, California native Michael Lockwood, embracing local life since moving to the village in southeast England, two years ago. Her secret fish-and-chip gig has made her friends, Kim and Justin Scales, who run the business, very happy. Kim, who also runs a local pub, the Kings Arms, said Presley could not wait to don an apron to serve customers. “She likes to see how we live and experience it,” the New York Daily News quoted her, as telling Kent and Sussex Courier. “We were laughing because the customers didn’t know it was her. She really enjoyed it. “Whatever she says she is going to do, she does it. It was the funniest thing. We all did this run and no one knew who she was,” she added.

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