Newspaper sales plunging because of 'less stimulating content'

      Newspaper sales are plunging because readers are looking for more engaging and stimulating content, according to a study. The recent study published in the Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, a SAGE Journal, suggested that it is crucial for journalists and practitioners to focus their efforts on creating stimulating content in order to "curb the tide" of newspaper abandonment. Study authors Rachel Davis Mersey, Edward C. Malthouse, and Bobby J. Calder selected 52 newspapers nationwide, and issued a series of surveys to their readers to find out exactly what they wanted. They found that readers are looking for more engaging content and offered a few suggestions that could help newspaper organizations provide more variety. Mersey , Malthouse, and Calder suggested that newspaper journalists could include "a question of the day around a major, local, or even barely known, but interesting news story that runs on the front page and is designed to encourage conversation among readers and between readers and the newsroom." The report also pointed out that since the newspaper industry started to experience a major decrease in readership in recent years, many people have deemed the Internet and other forms of new media as the culprits.

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