Search of Lake Michigan for missing Indian origin student fails

     An extensive search by over 20 US law enforcement agencies failed to turn up any sign of missing Indian origin student Harsha Maddula, who mysterious disappeared over the weekend. Maddula, 18, disappeared on Saturday after he left a party near Northwestern University campus. His cell phone last pinged a cell tower near Wilmette Harbor around 1 a.m. local time. According to a statement from the university, divers searched the Lake Michigan harbor for hours on Wednesday, but found no signs of Maddula, ABC News reports. Alan Cubbage, vice president of university relations at Northwestern, said that 'the question of whether he left the party alone or whether he was with a group is what university police and Evanston police are trying to nail down right now. ' According to police officials, Harsha, who has diabetes that can leave him disoriented if he doesn't take his medication, went out on Friday night with friends for two off-campus parties. On Saturday, some of his friends left the second party and headed on foot to a third about a quarter-mile away. When they arrived there, they realized that Harsha, who showed no signs of being drunk, was gone.

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