India diverting world attention from Kashmir issue by using Hafiz Saeed case: Malik

      Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has accused India of diverting the international community’s attention from the long pending Kashmir issue and the water dispute between both countries by raking up issues like the prosecution of Jamaat-ud-Daawa chief Hafiz Saeed. In an interview to The Daily Times, Malik blamed New Delhi for the delay into the 26/11 probe, and said that Pakistan has done enough to bring the perpetrators to justice. “Whatever we had committed with India , we have done it... in terms of bringing the accused to justice... We arrested the mastermind... It is another thing that they ( India ) are changing their statements,” Malik said. “First the Indians were saying that Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi was the mastermind and then they started pointed fingers at Hafiz Saeed. It is an organized kind of campaign against Pakistan to counter and divert attention from Kashmir and the water issue,” he added. Malik reiterated that Islamabad has evidence regarding India ’s hand in Baloch insurgency. “We have proof of Indian involvement in the insurgency in Balochistan... and I say this on the basis of information extracted from those arrested in this connection... we have the evidence that these trained people (insurgents) are entering into Pakistan from Afghanistan,” he said. The Gilani Government has already shared its apprehensions and information regarding India ’s involvement with Afghan President Hamid Karzai , Malik said. “Our information is that India is involved in training insurgents,” he added. When enquired about the US apprehensions over the presence of Taliban’s leadership council (Shura) in Quetta , Balochistan, Malik said there was no specific information regarding the presence of top Taliban commanders in the tribal areas. “There is no evidence of the presence of the so-called Taliban shura in Quetta or for that matter, in Balochistan... there is no specific evidence or information... they gave us some names and this does not work... our intelligence agencies followed the information provided by the US and our law enforcement agencies acted and conducted raids on the basis of this information but we did not find Taliban there,” he said. Malik claimed that Washington had till now had provided vague information about the Taliban, and insisted that specific inputs were needed to take action against the Taliban. “They are just giving us the names... just like John in America . We need exact information. I think their ( US ) paid sources have passed on some disinformation to them… they have better intelligence and information gathering resources than us... they should have specific information before asking us to take action,” he added.

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