Obama should focus more Pak-based Taliban after GHQ attack: Experts

     Saturday's brazen terror attack on the Pakistan Army General Headquarters in Rawalpindi has added to the growing concerns about the stability of the nuclear armed nation, and experts have now pointed out that President Barack Obama should focus more on targeting the Taliban and other extremists in Pakistan. Military advisors believe the Taliban would keep on expanding and multiplying unless the Obama administration sends additional troops to thwart the challenge. It may be noted that the US Army has long been pushing for a massive surge in Afghanistan so that it can take on the extremists better, however, some advisors have suggested Obama that the US should consider offering a role to the Taliban in Afghan politics. "What happened in Pakistan should encourage Obama to follow the advice of the military because they know better the strength of the Taliban," Fox news quoted Walid Phares, a terrorism analyst and senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, as saying. "It is a very strong signal to President Obama and he will have to take it into consideration and if he doesn't take it into consideration, then the Taliban will escalate it further," Phares added. Retired US Army official, Lieutenant General Tom McInerney, also stressed that Obama should shift more resources to Pakistan. "We need to be targeting more in Pakistan, there's no question," he said. Lieutenant General McInerney said. He highlighted the need of pushing the Pakistan Army to carry out a comprehensive offensive against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in South and North Waziristan. "What most of all we need to do is get the Pakistani army commander, General Kayani, but we need to get the Pakistani army, which is a very capable army, to be attacking those areas in South and North Waziristan where Al Qaeda, Taliban is hiding out right now," General McInerney said.

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