Saudi Arabian millionaires can buy most English football clubs: Almedlej

     Dr Hafez Almedlej, the chairman of the Saudi Professional League Commission, has claimed that English football clubs are gaining in popularity and a dozen Saudi Arabian millionaires might come forward to buy some of them. He believes more Saudi investors will follow if the Portsmouth takeover by Ali Al Faraj is successful. "In one year's time, if these two deals went ahead and there was no backfire and everyone was settled, I am sure at least 10 more investors will come in. It's very rare to find any businessman in Saudi Arabia who does not support a British team," The Mirror quoted Almedlej, as saying. "I think not everyone will buy a Premier League club, but buy from a lower level and try to bring them up. Last year, I had some people interested in Championship clubs and making inquiries. Their specific needs are they wanted a club that has a high average crowd, facilities that are good and a club in London . And not always a team top of the league," he added. Almedlej also said investors could buy a club from the First Division and bring it up or they could buy shares in Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham. Over the proposed investment in Liverpool by Prince Faisal bin Fahd that was revealed last week, Almedlej said that a move will benefit Liverpool and would be good news for Anfield fans. "They will benefit from the money that he will inject to the club. It will help them bring world-class players. They have Torres and Gerrard and if they bring in two more they will be hot favourites again to win the league, the Champions League," Almedlej said. "He (Faisal) is a guy with a sports mentality, he is passionate about football and he is successful in business. In Saudi he established a company called F6 and that is successful. He's a great value to the club," he added.

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