Radio Pakistan says Hindu leaders responsible for PM’s heart disease

      Radio Pakistan in its latest edition of Punjabi Durbar programme has stated that Dr. Manmohan Singh works under pressure from Brahmin (Hindu) leaders, which it states, recently caused him to undergo heart surgery too and skip this year’s Republic Day function! The broadcasters of the Radio Pakistan seem to have run out of ideas, as they have now chosen to talk about nothing but the Indian Republic Day, which was observed on January 26. The local leaders in Punjab are not just surprised, they are quite used to hearing such false rumours being propagated by Radio Pakistan. Pakistan’s new propaganda that the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh works under pressure of Cabinet ministers is completely wrong. Dr. Singh has been working honestly without any personal interest. He didn’t choose politics himself but considering his intelligence and experience, the former Prime Minister Narsimha Rao, appointed him as the Finance Minister in 1991, say local leaders. “Dr. Singh has proved his competence and intelligence by safeguarding the country’s economy from getting negatively affected despite the recession affecting rest of the world. Since Partition Pakistan is only carrying out propaganda against India, from our first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru onwards all Prime Ministers have believed in having friendly relationship with neighbours. The objective has been that all countries should progress together,” said Mahinder Rinwa, Congress Leader in Punjab. “During my visit to Pakistan, I found in my interaction with people of different States that the common man wants peace and friendly relations with India. They nurture nostalgic feelings and want to meet people of India, have good relations with them and want trade relation to improve. But it looks that the political leadership of Pakistan doesn’t want it,” Rinwa added. Moreover, it looks quite stupid of anyone to think of a person, known for his sheer hard work, sincerity and intelligence and who has held high-profile posts in the Reserve Bank of India and International Monetary Fund (IMF), could be pressurised by his own colleagues. He has always supported secularism. Dr. Singh has always taken extra pain to work for the country’s welfare and serve its people. It is sad that Radio Pakistan makes critical remarks against such a dedicated person.

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