Kerry Lugar Bill contains only 'accountability measures' for aid use: John Kerry

      US Senator John Kerry, the main sponsor of the controversial Kerry Lugar Bill, has said that there are no conditions in respect to the civilian and economic assistance attached to the Bill, rather it contains accountability measures to ensure that the amount is spent in exactly in the way it is being provided for. "There are measures of financial accountability in place to ensure the money is spent in a way that the American people want it to be spent," Kerry said. Kerry said the US has no intention to impede Pakistan 's sovereignty through the Bill, about which various Pakistani political parties have expressed concern. "There is no conditionality, whatsoever, in this legislation with respect to the civilian assistance and the economic assistance that is provided," The Daily Times quoted Kerry, as saying. He said the legislation was intended to transform the relationship between Pakistan and the US into a 'deeper, broader, long-term strategic engagement'.

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