Obama apprised of Pak's tenuous political scenario in wake of KL Bill furore

      US President Barack Obama was apprised of Pakistan's current political situation, especially with regard to the wide scale criticism that the Kerry Lugar Bill has received in that country, during an important meeting here, The News reports. Sources said Obama was briefed about the recent developments in Pakistan during an important meeting in the White House. Concerned over the increasing clout of Al-Qaeda and Taliban even after putting in place a revamped AFPAK strategy, Obama had convened a 'situation room meeting' on Pakistan. Earlier, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said the meeting would primarily focus on Pakistan, as the Obama administration believes that it is very necessary to have an apt strategy for Pakistan in view of the fact that top Al-Qaeda and Taliban commanders have taken refuge in the lawless tribal region of that country. When enquiries were made about the agenda of the meeting, Gibbs pointed out that most of the 9/11 masterminds have now shifted to Pakistan, so the focus of the meeting would be Pakistan. "I don't have the agenda with me. This one is going to focus on Pakistan, but without getting into detail, yes, the President was and many that were staffing the meeting understood what needed to be prepared for this one," he said. "The group of people that attacked us through Al-Qaeda on 9/11 and is planning through intent, actively planning and intending to try to attack us ... mostly are now (based) in the country of Pakistan," Gibbs added.

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