Any progress in Iran has to be attributed to Obama's overall strategy: Albright

      Former United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has said the Obama Administration's "smart power" strategy of engaging instead of confronting Iran is beginning to gain traction. "I think any progress has to be attributed to Obama's overall strategy. The speech he gave recently to the General Assembly at the UN established an important context. He called for global cooperation on a variety of issues - including Iran - and said if you don't like American unilateralism you have to help. Then, when he chaired the Security Council, he gathered a consensus on nonproliferation and for a push back against Iran," Albright told the Christian Science Monitor. Albright further said she was never a keen supporter of the missile defense project in Eastern Europe, which caused some worry in Poland and the Czech Republic. "I am a strong supporter of NATO and understand Poland and the Czech Republic well. I thought the missile defense plan proposed by the Bush administration, which Obama has just now reviewed and changed, was a mistake in the first place. We didn't know whether those systems worked, the treaties were very badly negotiated. They were bilateral agreements between those countries and the US, and not through NATO," Albright said. "I know enough about the politics of Poland and the Czech Republic to know how hard it was for them to swallow. The Czech government put itself out for the original plan, and fell from power as a result. It was therefore the right thing for Obama to change the policy with a closer and tighter targeting of missiles against Iran. I do think, though, that NATO must become more involved here," she added.

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