Dhoni to be fined for delay in registration of Hummer

     Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be fined for delay in filing the registration papers for his new Hummer H2 luxury sports utility vehicle (SUV). According to the District Transport Officer, A K Banka, Dhoni will be fined as his new car's registration papers are incomplete. "Dhoni has bought a Hummer, which is a foreign car. We got the papers for filling registration of his car last month, but he was short of papers. Some papers were missing like insurance, photographs. He had said that he would send them, but we have not received the papers yet," Banka said. "Thus the registration is incomplete and as per the Motor Vehicles Act any person who purchases the car must get the vehicle registered within a week after the date of purchase," he added. Banka further emphasized that he would have to pay Rs. 100 under the rules. "If one does not register then he will have to pay the fine of Rs. 100. So, it is but natural that since the Dhoni's car is not yet registered and he will have to pay Rs 100 as fine," he added.

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