Protest against Sri Lankan diplomat over "irresponsible" comment

      Hundreds of Tamils and pro- Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) supporters staged a demonstration in Chennai on Thursday, demanding the Indian government to initiate steps to immediately send back Sri Lankan Deputy High Commissioner Vadivel Krishnamoorthy. Krishnamoorthy was recently involved in a controversy over his comment that the camps of displaced Tamils in Lanka were not zoos to be visited by outside people. "This is irresponsible, Sri Lankan Deputy High Commissioner is not required to comment. He should be removed immediately. Therefore we, as part of Naam Tamilaer movement, have assembled here and are protesting for this cause," said Seeman, Tamil film director and organisor of the Naam Tamilaer lobby group. "The Central and the State Governments should understand our feelings and take steps. Only one Sri Lankan High Commissioner is enough. The Deputy High Commissioner is not needed," he added. India has around 60 million ethnic Tamils who have historical and cultural links with the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka. More than 260,000 Tamils live in camps in northern Sri Lanka, displaced during the 25-year war between the Government and the LTTE.

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