Obama's 'secret weapon' on the basketball court revealed

     US President Barack Obama secret weapon that helps him defeat others on the basketball court has been revealed by Senator Bob Casey. Casey was speaking at his re-election fund-raiser thrown by one-time Hugh Carey chief of staff Jim Cunningham. "I love to play with him, but I'm never on the winning team," the New York Post quoted Casey as having told the crowd there. Casey said that Obama would always say, "I'll pick first. I pick Reggie (Love)." According to the newspaper, Reggie is the president's "body man" who played basketball for Duke. "Reggie protects and feeds the president on the court, and together they cream the rest of us. But it's great fun," Casey said. Also on hand were Jim Gill, Jerry Crotty, Alfred E. Smith IV, Tonio Burgos and Bill Cunningham.

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