Three British terror suspects co-plotted suicide attacks on transatlantic aircraft

     Three Islamic terrorists co-plotted suicide attacks on transatlantic passenger aircraft along with the ringleader, Abdulla Ahmed Ali, a British court has heard. The Telegraph quoted prosecutor Peter Wright QC, as saying at the Woolwich Crown Court that Adam Khatib, 22, Mohammed Shamin Uddin, 39, and Nabeel Hussain, 25, were "prepared to help in the commission of terrorist acts and indeed did so." Mastermind Ali was convicted last month of conspiracy to murder and that the plot involved the ''deployment of suicide bombs upon passenger aircraft''. Khatib, of Walthamstow, is accused of conspiracy to murder by plotting with Ali. "He was a young man seeking to play his part in conspiring to bring about murder of innocent civilians by taking part in a plot to murder," Wright said. "During 2006 Adam Khatib was involved with Mr Ali in seeking to bring about a deadly attack upon the civilian population by the detonation of improvised explosive devices," he added. Uddin, "a radicalised and committed Islamist", is accused of preparing for terrorism by meeting with Ali four times in July and August 2006. The resident of Stoke Newington is also accused of researching the use and purchase of hydrogen peroxide and possessing materials that could be used for terrorism. The court was told that that the material found at Uddin's house revealed "a state of mind in pursuit of a terrorist agenda." Hussain is also accused of preparing for terrorism by meeting Ali twice in July 2006. He is also accused of possessing several suspicious items, including mobile phones and a 25,000-dollar loan application. ''It is consistent, we say, with the type of field craft which is of use if one is engaged in terrorist activity and wishes to maintain a degree of secrecy about their conduct,'' Wright said. The trio has denied the charges.

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