Maoists in Jharkhand feel insecure after arrest of Kobad Ghandy

      The arrest of Kobad Ghandy, a polit bureau member of the banned CPI (Maoist), has jolted the Maoist outfits operating in Jharkhand and they are taking desperate steps to secure his release. Kobad Ghandy, who is being projected by the Maoists as a theoretician and the person in charge of projecting the movement, has been exposed by his followers in the party who have taken to violence to secure his release. Road and rail traffic have been disrupted by them and to cap it his followers demanded that they would exchange persons in their custody to secure the release of Kobad Gandhy. When they did not succeed in their efforts, the Maoists assassinated police inspector Francis Enduwar. The decapacitated body of kidnapped police inspector Francis Induwar was found by the Jharkhand Police on Tuesday. Deputy Inspector General of Police (Jharkhand Range), R.K.Malik, said that Enduwar's headless body was found at around 9.15 a.m. on the Jamshedpur-Ranchi Highway with a note from the Naxals saying that they could expect more of the same treatment if their demands were not acceded to. They claimed full responsibility for the killing of Enduwar. DIG Malik said that Enduwar, who was kidnapped by the Maoists five days ago, appeared to have been executed by a method popularly associated with the Taliban. He confirmed that the Maoists had been demanding the release of two of their prominent leaders Kobad Ghandy and Chatrodhar Mahato, who have been arrested by law enforcement authorities in Delhi and West Bengal respectively. He said that the Maoists had offered to handover three of their cadre in exchange for the release of Enduwar. Enduwar's execution was carried out after the Government refused to release Ghandy They felt that Ghandy arrest weakened their movement to an extent. Abhay, an area commander, Communist Party of India (Maoist), criticised the government for arresting their leader. "The way police had made arrest, it is not right. Our leader is trying to lead a revolution. And our government is declaring this revolution as terrorism. They want to end this revolution. But I want to say, they will not be successful in doing, so as many Ghandys have already taken birth." said Abhay. Another member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist) termed it as unfair the way government is arresting their leaders. "The way Ghandy was arrested is not right. People at helm say that they want to talk about this matter. The Government in a way is terrorising us and it has become havoc now," said Anjani Pandey, Communist Party of India) (Marxist Leninist), Secretary. Ghandy, who heads the CPI (Maoist) publication wing, was nabbed in South Delhi following inputs from intelligence agencies. He has been a part of the People's War Group (PWG) since its initial stages. Ghandy also played an important role in fostering the development of the front's organisations. In 1994, he was allegedly active in floating a forum named the All India People's Resistance Forum. He had gone underground after the merger of the Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist), the People's War Group and the Maoist Communist Centre of India in 2004 when the CPI (Maoist) came into existence.

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